About Leo

Leo, a lifelong Randolph, MA resident, attended Randolph High School where he excelled in football helping RHS capture a championship before graduating in 1984.

He then attended Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, where he was once again a football stand out, helping them capture four championships before eventually being elected captain in 1988.

After college, Leo worked at Blue Cross & Blue Shield as an administrator – but his love for football kept him playing semi-professional football for the Randolph Oilers. Once again, Leo helped the Oilers win their championship in 1990.

As Leo says “I’m the only person I know who won championships at every level… even Pop Warner.”

At the request of his brother Tom, Leo eventually decided to study and train to become an electrician (which he did, and today remains a Local 103 Union electrician, employed by the McDonald Electrical Corporation.)

“Fun Leo” is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to attract friends and make people laugh wherever he goes. Always finding the “fun” in any situation has earned him his appropriate nickname. His natural wit, contagious sense of humor, passion for life and loyalty to his friends and loved ones is what earned him this incredible network, Friends of Leo.

Leo’s large Irish family upbringing demonstrates how much family environment can drive and shape someone’s spirit. Under the guidance of his parents Anna and John, and with four brothers and three sisters, one can’t help but become somewhat competitive. But the drive to win and succeed are only half the story. That family dynamic is largely what you can attribute Leo’s magnetism to. His ability to adapt and basically get along with everyone is undoubtedly a tribute to his family environment.

Leo cherishes spending time with his beautiful daughter Kayleigh and his girlfriend Sonya and her son Dillan but always finds time for his many great friends. Leo has always been very competitive, evident in his championships at every level he’s competed. If you’re up for it, he’ll challenge you in almost any sport, Texas hold ’em, scrabble, trivia and, yes, drinking games.

Thank you for joining!!!!